Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mid-Term Election Results 2010

Mid-Term Election Results 2010 are coming in, and it's slated to be a huge success.  The 2010 mid-term elections are a hot topic and there are some winners to report.  Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of those who have won their races so far: 

Nikki Haley - South Carolina governor (Republican)
Governor Manchin - West Virginia senate seat  (democrat) 
John Boozman - Arkansas Senate Seat (republican) 
Mike Kelly - Pennsylvania Congressional seat (GOP win over incumbent Democrat!)
Marco Rubio - Florida Senate Seat (republican)
Chris Coons - Delaware Senate Seat (democrat)
Barney Frank wins 16th House term (Democrat)
Rand Paul - Kentucky Senate Race (republican)
Ron Johnson - Wisconsin Senate Race (Republican - beat Russ Feingold, despite massive campaigning on behalf of the President and the White House)

We will keep you informed.  Check out some more of our posts, for more updates on the mid-term elections. 

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