Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exit Polls 2010

Exit polls 2010 are rolling in. The exit polls are the polls that are released to subscribers and networks, which are used to project the winners. Now, election results aren't official until the loser concedes to the winner or the election commission in that jurisdiction calls the race.

So far, the exit polls are showing that the GOP will take control of the House. In addition, the Senate is expected to stay Democratic but that could change as well.

The exit polls are dynamic and always changing. However, we can tell you where you can go to look at them. Take caution when looking at the polling too early in a race - it could lead to disappointment before races are called. Click here to read all about election polls on the Huffington Post.

In addition, ABC, CBS, and Fox News along with all major media sources offer comprehensive coverage of exit polls 2010.

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