Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rand Paul Victory Speech

Rand Paul Victory Speech. Rand Paul is the Kentucky Senator elect. He took on Jack Conway in a cutthroat race for the Kentucky senate seat. Despite some claims that Rand Paul was involved in the "kidnapping" of a college co-ed while undergoing hazing in a student organization at the Christian university he attended, he was also accused of mocking the Baptist faith and making the person he kidnapped bow to Aqua Buddha.

Now, none of that seemed to sway the voters, as Rand Paul was able to stake a victory. This was one of those key elections where the Tea Party can say "see, this is what the American people want."

During his acceptance speech, Rand Paul exclaimed "We've come to take our government back!." That's my favorite part of the Rand Paul victory speech. See a video below.

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