Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Harry Reid Election Results 2010 [NV]

Harry Reid election results 2010 are in, and the Tea Party sweetheart Sharron Angle was unable to defeat Harry Reid. The Senate Majority leader will return to the Senate, which is expected to remain BLUE.

Sharron Angle was seen by many as a little too "out there" and didn't even support long term unemployment, despite her state having the largest unemployment rate in the nation.

Harry Reid, however, wasn't expected to win the race going in to it because he's not well loved in his state. He's seen by many as a "rubber stamp" to the President's agenda, although when the Senate reconvenes in January it will be a very different mood, and it won't be as easy for the Senate to go along with the president's agenda without challenging him on issues that aren't popular with the American people.

It will be interesting to see what role Harry Reid will play in the repeal of Healthcare, which is something that many Americans want on the agenda. However, Reid played an integral part of the passage, and he might have to flip flop to keep his constituents happy.

What do you think of the Harry Reid Election results 2010?


  1. Just read this blog for the first time. I think the reporter is way out there too. Repeal health care reform? Ha.

  2. No you are way out there. 70% of amricans want to repeal the current health care & start over, with input by BOTH sides, not just have a TOTALLY one sided plan rammed in our behinds !

  3. I agree 100% that the majority of Americans want to repeal the current OBAMA CARE Health plan and start over with input from BOTH sides. As you can readily see from election results that many of us didn't appreciate having this unaffordable OBAMA CARE plan "rammed in our behinds", and government dictating whether or not we'll even quality for medical proceedures!!!


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