Friday, November 19, 2010

Sarah Palin Proud Of Bristol Palin On Dancing With The Stars [DWTS]

Sarah Palin Proud Of Bristol Palin On Dancing with the Stars. Sarah Palin is a proud Mama Grizzly as her eldest daughter, Bristol Palin, has danced her way in to the Dancing with the Stars finale. Of course, as with anything the family tries to do, it's shrouded in controversy.

Brandy has been neck-and-neck with Jennifer Grey all season. She delivered her first PERFECT performance, and yet she was eliminated during the semi finals.

She was on the bottom two with Bristol Palin. Everyone was SHOCKED when Tom Bergeron said that it was Brandy and not Bristol Palin that was sent home.

Immediately, political conspiracy theories started to circulate. Was it the tea party? Was the whole thing rigged by ABC?

Well, like a proud "Mama Grizzly" Sarah Palin has "campaigned" for her daughter, sending out Tweets and FaceBook messages to her millions of followers urging them to vote for Bristol -along with the text/phone number to do so. Therefore, there's likely people voting who probably don't even watch the show!

Sarah Palin is proud of her daughter -as she should be. She's come so far in the competition. Although I don't know if it would be appropriate given the current political climate for Bristol to win, finishing in the top 3 is amazing.

What are your thoughts on Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars?

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