Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are Glenn Beck Rally Attendees Transportation Hypocrites?

Glenn Beck's rally attendance remains controversial. One thing about the rally is something that has become another center of some more discussions is how those in attendance traveled to the National Mall. Of course, every aspect of the Restoring Honor Rally will be picked apart in the coming week, and many will stop at nothing to try to paint the rally as a political event.

Glenn Beck still maintains that the rally was not political in nature. However, keynote speakers such as Sarah Palin and Alveda King showcase well known conservative politicians tend to paint a different story to Beck's adversaries.

In addition, various Tea Party organizations and the AFP (Americans for Propensity) arranged transportation to and from the rally via buses. The very participation of a political organizations is looked at as some form of indication that the motives were political for the rally.

In addition, Glenn Beck and his "followers" as they are called in the media are against the government paying for things such as a transportation system. Many of those going to the rally used the metro system, which some point out is hypocritical given that Glenn Beck is against socialism and social programs.

Of course, these arguments may be a bit overdramatic. Public transportation is needed, and just because an organization provides a few buses doesn't mean that an entire rally is politically motivated. The premise of the rally was to bring America together, and for that the attendees are not hypocritical at all.


  1. People of like minds know and enjoy each others company. Were I to have gone to the rally, my first choice would have been to go with others. Hummm.... now let's see...... As a Tea Party person, I am responsible and educate myself about events that might encourage me and others of like minds. So, I will go with friends, sharing expenses, assuring we will arrive on time and in safety. Where public facilities are available, they are useful. Had all in attendance driven their own cars, it would have caused caos and the media would have been crying that we were thoughtless polluters. As for the political nature of the event, there was none that I could see (watching on C-SPAN). Faith and politics will often reflect each other. Those of Tea Party inclinations have discovered a common core of faith in many respects. Where they coincide we rejoice, where they conflict the political crisis dictates we cooperate as patriots.

  2. This is the kind of analysis you read in newspapers, which is why so many of them are going under.

  3. The Premise was God, and nearly half a million people showed up.

  4. The actual attendance was not more than 100,000, likely less.


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