Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sarah Palin after Glenn Beck Rally Continues Popularity

Sarah Palin at the Glenn Beck rally was inspirational. The mother of a combat vet, she was one of the perfect choices to be present at the Restoring Honor rally.

Besides, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are two strong forces in the Tea Party movement - to have a rally with one without the other would feel incomplete.

Still yet, this was no political event. There are some who beg to differ, but honoring the troops is what the proceeds went to - and that's a noble cause all its own.

Sarah Palin continues to be the center of many political discussions. A Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin 2012 ticket was previously rumored to be a possibility, but Glenn Beck swiftly informed the world that he has no desire to be president.

To view Sarah Palin's speech video, click here.

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