Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck Rally Attendees and a Bag Tax Altercation

Glenn Beck's rally was attended by thousands of people.  One news report that is surfacing that is quite interesting involves a deli sandwich getting thrown in the face of a deli worker.  Some of the people in attendance with Glenn Beck's rally got into an argument over DC's "bag tax."

The tax is a five cent tax levied on anyone that chooses to have their purchases placed in a bag.  Proceeds are used to clean up the polluted Anacostia River. 

George Washington University's school newspaper told a quite humorous story about a couple of the rally attendees.  The article reads 

Though the rally was a mostly peaceful gathering, two rally attendees got into a heated argument with an employee at the GW Deli over the D.C. bag tax, which ultimately resulted in the tea party member throwing a sandwich in the deli employee's face. The GW Deli declined to comment on the issue.

You have to see the humor in this.  Of course, Beck and the Tea Party are against superfluous taxation. The bag tax is one of those peculiar taxes that would garner some form of protest from them. However, to think that someone is coming to a rally to "restore honor" to the country, and then subsequently throws a sandwich in someone's face is quite...humorous to say the least.

What do you think? Are you for or against the bag tax, and do you think this reaction was humorous or inappropriate? 

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