Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is Obama a Muslim? Some GOP Believe Obama Wants to Impose Islamic Law

Is Obama a Muslim? The president is bombarded with the remnants of “misinformation” and despite statements to the contrary, many believe that Obama is a Muslim. In fact, the Washington Post reports that a “majority” of the GOP thinks that Obama wants to impose Islamic Law.

They report in a recent Newsweek poll showing that 52 percent of Republicans think the statement "Barack Obama sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world," is either "definitely" or "probably" true

So why is that? Is it the concerted efforts of the conservative parties to paint Obama as a Muslim because of his familial background?

Islamic Law is hard to understand, according to the same article.  Some imams find it above their comprehension, so it’s likely that those surveyed don’t know what Islamic law is.

The article read Edward E. Curtis IV explained in The Post this week, "Most mosques in America do not teach Islamic law for a simple reason: It's too complicated for the average believer and even for some imams."

So is it possible that the poll should have simply said “Do you think President Obama is a Muslim?”

What are your thoughts?

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