Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars and Sarah Palin Booed Dominate DWTS Gossip

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars and Sarah Palin booed dominate the DWTS gossip circles. The 11th season of Dancing with the Stars includes our favorite zany conservative's eldest daughter as one of the contestants. Of course, there are going to be a host of people who don't like her being on the show - likely because of her mother. However, she's doing quite well and has a pretty strong fan base.

Now, I don't think that Bristol Palin will win Dancing with the Stars. However, I think she will make it pretty far in the competition. Florence Henderson, The Situation, Rick Fox, and Margaret Cho are still weaker than she is. She will have to watch out for Jennifer Grey, Brandy, Kyle Massey, and Kurt Warner.

The second week saw the elimination of Michael Bolton after receiving the low score of 12/30. The first week eliminated David Hasselhoff with a score of 15/30.

In other Dancing with the Stars news, there was a mini-scandal which suggested that the former Alaskan governor was booed by the crowd. However, as it turns out the crowd was booing because Jennifer and Derek weren't given 9's, they were given 8's.

Bristol Palin and Sarah Palin will continue to dominate the talk of the show until Bristol is eliminated.

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  1. Rick Fox is not a weaker dancer than Bristol Palin. He's ahead of her in cumulative scores. Guess you forgot the week 1 performances in which Rick scored four points higher than Bristol.


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