Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fox News: Obama Loves Gangsta Rap Headline Pulled

Fox News and Obama haven't been the best of friends. Obama has called the network "destructive" and truthfully the Fox news channel has been a thorn in the Obama Administration's side since the word "go." The network caters to the conservatives, which Obama is not. So it only makes sense that the two just don't jive.

The President had an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in which they discussed, among other things, what music was on the President's iPod.

He has over 2,000 song (who doesn't?) and for the most part the artists on the tracks are somewhat yawn inducing - Coltrane, Miles Davis, classical music - the basic politician stuff.

However, he mentioned that his personal assistant was turning him on to artists such as Lil Wayne. He goes on to say that he was "no expert" in rap music and that "Jay-Z" used to be the extent of his rap offerings.

According to the Huffington Post, Fox News turned that interview into a headline which reads "President Obama Loves Gangsta Rap"

Now, aren't we all closet gangsta rap fans? I wouldn't care even if he did jam out to Lil Wayne and Nas. Maybe Fox News is still upset about Nas' Rap which dissed them?

What do you think about Fox News' Obama Loves Gangsta Rap headline?

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  1. you know gangsta rap music is so sesame street now, old ladys in england listen to it,who cares


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