Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Performance Video After Week 2 Complete

Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars 2010 week 2 performance kept her in the running for another week. Wearing a conservative purple gown, she and Mark Ballas delivered the quickstep to "You Can't Hurry Love", which many circles say was a direct message to Levi Johnston, her baby daddy.

The 2010 Dancing with the Stars season continues, and it's Michael Bolton who was sent packing this week. Given that he got a 12/30 that's no surprise.

The crowd loves Bristol Palin. She scored a 22/30 when she danced, and Sarah Palin was there to watch her and cheer her on.

Some are critical of how the judges treated Palin, claiming that she got preferential treatment when they weren't as critical of her as they were other performers. Others claim that's just because Palin is a good dancer.

It was a great night last night on DWTS. It's sad to see Michael Bolton go home, but Bristol Palin is still in the running after week 2 of Dancing with the Stars 2010.

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