Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meg Whitman Housekeeper an Illegal Immigrant?

Meg Whitman's housekeeper an illegal immigrant? The former eBay CEO and Republican candidate in the California Gubernatorial race is now accused of having an illegal immigrant (undocumented worker). This is a crushing blow to the GOP candidate, although I don't know if it will cost her the race.

The strange thing behind this story is that the illegal immigrant has hired THE Gloria Allred. Yes, the same Gloria Allred who Rachel Uchitel turned to in the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal.

The allegations claim that Whitman was informed by the federal government 7 years ago that her housekeeper Nicky Diaz may be in the country illegally. Whitman denies those claims, saying that she never received such notification.

Allred claims that Whitman and her husband received a letter from the government stating that the Social Security number on file for her client didn't match what the Whitman's had on file. No, the lawyer didn't give a copy of the letter, as her client said she saw it.

This reaks of scandal. Surely Meg Whitman wouldn't lie about hiring an undocumented worker - or lie about receiving a letter from the federal government. That is something you really can't lie about. Nicky Diaz also claims she was mistreated and will be seeking back pay and mileage.

What are your thoughts on Meg Whitman's housekeeper?

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