Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Burn a Koran Day": Animosity or Insight?

"Burn a Koran Day" is the idea of Terry Jones.  Jones is getting a lot of controversial discussions going, as there are a group of Christians who are against the move, as well as the Islamic community in general.  The Obama administration has called the move blatantly "un-American", but yet the group still persists.

Not everyone hates the move.  People across the country are applauding the move, and applauding Terry Jones from not backing down in the face of adversity. 

So does this depict animosity or insight? On one hand, it is a hateful move - one you would expect from radical Islamics, only instead of Korans they would burn Bibles and US Flags.  On the other hand, these people are exercising their right to free speech - a Constitutional right at that, which makes the act...I hate to say it, but very American. 

Although it's understandable to have hatred towards Muslims, energy would be better spent trying to get along, rather than protesting against one another. 


  1. Replace the word insight with 'ignorance'. That's more like the truth.

  2. I keep wondering where these people are planning on getting their Korans to burn them. Do they just have them hanging around the house? Are they going to have to buy them from their local Islamic Religious Supplies store?


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