Friday, September 17, 2010

Egyptian Paper Doctors Photo of Mubarak and Obama?

Did an Egyptian paper doctors photos of Mubarak and Obama? There's a scandalgoing on, and many people are not impressed. Is it at all possible that a photo of our commander in chief with another world leader was doctored? That's the allegations that are coming out.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was shown leading a pack of Middle Eastern Leaders and President Obama. Obama was hosting Middle East Peace Talks at the White House, and was actually leading the pack. Not that it matters to most people, but it's quite comical when you think that a journalist took the time to do some creative photoshopping such as this.

The paper, Al-Ahram, is now accused of not being fair and balanced - a ju
st accusation if they are doctoring these types of photos (come on - didn't they figure it would be featured on another web site?)

Here are the two photographs, courtesy of UK Daily Mail. The Actual photo is the upper right photo, and the doctored photo is below. They are sourced to Getty Images.

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