Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kirsten Gillibrand A "Hottie" According to Harry Reid

Kirsten Gillibrand a "Hottie"? That's what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says. With everything going on in Congress right now, I find it hard to believe how many Senators and Senate hopefuls are putting their foots in their mouths. For instance, Christine O'Donnell recently was ousted by Bill Maher after claiming to have "dabbled in witchcraft" during an unaired segment of "Politically Incorrect" which was filmed in 1999.

Maher wants O'Donnell - who he said he created - to come on his show. He's releasing a clip a week until she does.

In the meantime, Jesse Jackson Jr is dealing with more fallout from the Obama Senate seat scandal and Rod Blagojevich's subsequent investigation and prosecution.

Now, Senator Harry Reid - who wasn't even able to get the DREAM Act or Don't Ask Don't Tell repealed - made the ultimate goof-up yet - calling Senator Kirsten Gillibrand the "hottest member" of congress.

Of course, the comment has been blown out of proportion according to Gillibrand and Reid's people. He went on to compliment her non-physical attributes, such as her extensive knowledge of securities laws.

Still yet, it makes for a good story, and a good distraction from the chaos on Capital Hill. I find it humorous that Harry Reid called Kirsten Gillibrand the "hottest member" of about you?

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