Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meghan McCain: Could John McCain's Loss be Sarah Palin's Fault?

Meghan McCain opened up about Sarah Palin in her new memoir Dirty Sexy Politics. She even went as far as to ask the question if her father's loss was Sarah Palin's fault. While she doesn't all out blame Palin, there is a sense of tension in her words. Later in the book she clarifies that she doesn't blame Palin.

McCain says that Palin brought "stress, drama, complications, panic and loads of uncertainty" to the campaign. She goes on to say that Palin wasn't a "Cinderella story", but that she was a "freakishly huge full-fledged phenomenon."

In reading Dirty, Sexy Politics you almost can't help but wish that the whole thing was a reality TV show. Sarah Palin's strong-willed personality and demands coupled with the tight knit McCains had to be....for lack of better words, a "hoot."

Still yet, when I think of Sarah Palin, I think of a running mate more like Glenn Beck. Although Beck says he has "no desire" to become President, their quirkiness makes them almost made for each other.

Like Meghan McCain, I would have seen her father with someone more like Mitt Romney. Meghan even ventured to admit she secretly hoped that her father would have picked Joe Lieberman as a running mate.

So is John McCain's loss Sarah Palin's fault? There are likely some Palin adversaries that think that it is her fault, but Meghan McCain doesn't blame her.

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