Friday, September 24, 2010

Megyn Kelly and Rep. King Object to Stephen Colbert Congress Hearing

Megyn Kelly and Representative Steve King (R-IA) discussed the recent Stephen Colbert Congressional testimony on Fox News. Both were outraged about the 'inappropriate' nature of the comedian's testimony. Megyn Kelly even ventured to say that the testimony cost taxpayers $125,000.

Some venture to say that the interview with Fox News actually cost the taxpayers money, as it was during work hours where the Representative is on the clock. In addition, the cost of the testimony was shared with other witnesses. Many even said that Colbert made some great points. You can see a video of his appearance here.

He told the committee that farm work is "hard" and cracked some jokes about illegal workers and the like.

Here's the video clip of Kelly and King's objections to the Stephen Colbert congressional appearance.

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