Friday, September 24, 2010

Obama: Ahmadinejad at UN Offends US Near Ground Zero

Obama walked out on Ahmadinejad at the UN in NYC after the Iranian president accused the United States of perpetrating the 9/11 attacks on ourselves in order to save the "Zionist Regime" which is, in their cryptic terms, Israel.

So basically, what the President of Iran is saying is that the US flew 2 planes into their own buildings using radical Muslim pilots to give it that "rogue jihadist" look, and then used the incident to ensure Israel's survival.

Israel is a tough country, if I do say so myself. I highly doubt that they would need the US to "pretend" to have a terrorist attack to ensure their survival. The claims were uncalled for, and blatantly offensive - especially given the proximity to ground zero.

Joining Obama in the walkout was Great Britain as well. Thanks, Britain for standing in there with us. It's too bad we had to allow this crazed leader to come to our country only to slap us in the face.

What are your thoughts on Ahmadinejad and Obama walking out on him at the UN?


  1. The Iranian President should have been arrrested leaving the UN building.

    The World is raising another Hitler....just like with Hitler....."This and that will never happen". Next time it wont just be the Jews. it will be any white, black, yellow or orange person that does not aggree with Islam and the way of these brutal self serving middle east dictators.

  2. The walk out made sense in context, but the U.S. Government and western media make way to much out of Ahmadinejad's rambling, empowering a man who has no real power. -

  3. Arrested? For making an offensive remark? Wouldn't that make *us* the Nazis?

    I'm so sick of hearing every supposed bad guy, from Ahmadinejad to Manuel Noriega to Saddam Hussein to George W. Bush to Obama himself, being compared to Hitler. Hitler would have hated all of them, most of them based on their ethnicities alone. None of them is responsible for anything even remotely on the same scale as the Holocaust, Ahmadinejad's denial of it notwithstanding. Tone down your rhetoric if you want it to be effective.

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