Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obama Approval Rating: 38% Believe Obama Deserves Re-Election

Obama’s approval rate is dwindling, and only 38% think he deserves to be re-elected. Approximately 43% of voters plan to vote to oust him from his office, and another 13% would at least consider voting for someone else. This is the same type of political atmosphere which caused the Democrats to lose power during the 1994 mid-term election.

The thing that upsets most people about Obama is Obamacare, or the health care reform bill which was passed this spring. The bill, which includes many provisions that are not popular with most Americans, was passed despite massive protests from the public.

The margin by which people dislike Obamacare is 13% - which is a landslide in pollspeak.

Independents dislike Obamacare to the tune of 54%.

The Obama administration and “Big Spending” politics will continue to hurt the administrations chance at re-election. Obama needs to listen to what Americans want, and not push down any more legislation that is unwanted by the American public. You can see the polling used to come up with the 38% rating by clicking here.

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