Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Bristol the Pistol" Additional Sarah Palinisms

Sarah Palinisms make us laugh - and the latest Sarah Palinism to surface is her nickname for Bristol - "Bristol the Pistol." In an "aww schucks" moment, when DWTS partner Mark Ballas met the former Alaskan governor it was just like meeting any other hockey mom.

Warm, cozy house? Check.
Hug? Check
Embarrassing nicknames revealed? Check.
Mom taking embarassing Twitter pictures with dancing partner? Check.

See...Bristol Palin is just like you and me!

Leave it to Sarah Palin to come up with a name for pretty much anything. In our modern day, I would venture to say that she's invented more words than any other political figure out there...and she's done her share of quirky things such as writing a list of points she wanted to make at a speech in Nashville on her hand.

And to this date, I still don't know anyone who insists on having flexible straws with their drinking water. But "Bristol the Pistol" is definitely one of the funniest Sarah Palinisms of them All.

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  1. Did anybody else notice that Obama commonly steals Palinisms.

    At that backyard gathering yesterday, he used the term "Buck up!" Right after Palin used it.

    Obama is so nervous about Sarah and it shows. He regularly betrays that she is in his head 24/7.

    He knows he can't defeat her on the merits in 2012.


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