Friday, September 24, 2010

Sarah Palin 2012 Candidate for Presidency? SarahPac Releases "Ad"

Sarah Palin 2012 is a hot search term, and after the Glenn Beck rally there were lots of rumors of a Beck/Palin ballot in 2012. Beck has "no desire" to be President, although Sarah Palin has been coy when asked if she will run for President.

SarahPac, a Political Action Committee has released an ad, and although it is not a campaign ad, it has the appearance of one. Could 2012 be the year of true change, where the people start to rule the government, not the other way around? That's what the ad below seems to suggest.

Sarah Palin has gone from a political no-body to a superstar with a bestselling book and a daughter on Dancing with the Stars in less than two years. Although Meghan McCain had her doubts about Palin, she's been able to leap over any obstacle and stay on top.

Currently, Sarah Palin is #4 on the list for favored candidates for the GOP ticket. If it came down to Palin and Barack Hussein Obama, who would you choose in 2012?

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  1. If Sarah Palin becomes president, the entire world will regard the US as a laughing stock. Palin is generally seen around the world as being an ignorant person who is too stupid to be a world leader.

    It was bad enough to elect one buffoon in 2000, and then re-elect him in 2004, but Palin in 2012 would show that it was no accident, and that you really are a nation controlled by the dim-witted. I really hope the US is smarter than that.


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