Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sarah Palin Drops H-Bomb at Fox News, Refers to President as "Barack Hussein Obama"

Sarah Palin drops H-Bomb at Fox news while discussing Christine O'Donnel, referring to the President as "Barack Hussein Obama." Of course, that IS the President's given name - but given the history of, oh the last quarter century having a middle name like "Hussein" would seem to be the ultimate political bullet.

That's not the case of Obama, who defeated John McCain and Sarah Palin's bid for the presidency in 2008.

Palin was discussing, in the video clip below, how the media is entangled in this circus centered on Christine O'Donnell and her high school and college years - and she's just a candidate for Delaware's open Senate seat! However, when Obama was running for President and elected, we've heard little about his past.

Obama is somewhat elusive. Before 2008, it appeared as if the Clintons would be back in office via Hillary. Obama was just another obscure senator that relatively few people outside of Illinois had ever heard of.

His mother was white, his father a Kenyan. He's got family living in Africa, and there are conspiracy theorists who believe that Obama wasn't actually born in the US. Given the importance of these claims, you'd think this would be something people would look in to.

However, Christine O'Donnell admits "dabbling in witchcraft" and all of a sudden she's "crazy" and "unfit."

Was Sarah Palin using Obama's middle name to emphasize the conspiracy theories? Was she stating something without actually stating it? What's your thoughts on the H-word bomb?


  1. I think she accomplishes exactly what she is going for.....Hussein='s Muslim....not one of us. She is Gollum with a pretty face and a more annoying voice. I wish she would make like a real woman and go home to raise the five kids she chose to have. That's what we do when we have babies. Palin is a bigoted moron and a crappy Mom to boot.

  2. Obama's Hawiian birth has been clearly documented and confirmed a billion times. Who ever expresses such ineptitude at comprehending such a fact, has no place in our government, and probably would have little success obtaining a so much as a bachlor's degree.

  3. I'm more concerned that our Obama is President of the Democratic Party and not the United States!


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