Friday, October 29, 2010

Indonesia Tsunami 2010: Casualties, Damage, Death Toll

Indonesia Tsunami 2010: Casualties, Damage, Death Toll The tsunami from Indonesia has wreaked massive devastation. In addition to the tsunami, the volcano eruption has also caused another element of destruction in that particular Pacific Rim nation.

The tsunami was caused by an offshore earthquake. The tsunami was 10 foot (3m) high, and hit about the same region that had been impacted by another tidal wave not too long ago.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the death toll has reached over 441, while the Christian Science Monitor reports that a baby has been found alive.

There are still hundreds missing, and thousands displaced. Those missing are feared washed out in to the sea.

There is a video below which updates the status of the casualties, damage, and death toll experienced by the Indonesia tsunami 2010.

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