Monday, October 4, 2010

One Nation Rally Attendance and Glenn Beck Rally Attendance Crowd Comparison

The One Nation rally attendance and Glenn Beck Rally attendance is the latest in the political back-and-forth between the Liberals and the Tea Party movement.  While Beck’s rally was really a “non-political” event, the One Nation rally was distinctly political in nature. 

There were some estimates of Glenn Beck’s rally that point to a crowd of approximately 87,000 people.  However, Beck seems to think that about 500,000 people were there. 

The One Nation rally attendance estimates peg a crowd of around 200,000.  Of course, no one will give an official number to the attendance due to the highly charged political environment.  

The Glenn Beck Rally was a rally to restore honor.  It was a non political charity event, which benefited a charity which helps our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Despite claims that it wasn’t politically motivated, the rally featured Tea Party faces such as Beck himself and Sarah Palin. 

The One Nation rally was a group of hundreds of liberal organizations, labor unions, and the American 99ers Union.  They are demanding the changes they voted for such as higher minimum wages, unemployment extensions, and easier access to labor unions. 

At the end of the month, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are staging dueling rallies.  The Rally to Restore Sanity and the March to Keep Fear Alive are the true Anti-Beck crowds. Although Stewart is respectful of Beck his audience may not hold the same views. The true testament of which group is larger will be the Stewart/Colbert rally attendance. 

Without knowing the true Glenn Beck rally attendance figures and the One Nation rally attendance totals, we can’t say which was greater.  However, click here for rally attendance photos from both Glenn Beck and One Nation and let us know which you feel was a bigger crowd.


  1. The New York Times article on the One Nation rally says that portions of the Mall that were filled for the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor rally were empty for the One Nation Rally.

    Comparing the Washington Post article about the One Nation rally to the Washington Post articles about, and aerial photo of, the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor rally, the crowd for the One Nation rally is said to have petered out along the sides of the reflecting pool while the crowd for the Glenn Beck rally is said and shown to have extended all the way to the Washington Monument.

    In other words, both the New York Times and the Washington Post reported that the One Nation rally drew a smaller crowd than the Glenn beck Restoring Honor rally.

    Does this matter? Yes. The organizers of the One Nation rally sought to demonstrate that "they" (a conglomeration of liberal groups and interests) were the "real majority" in America. They failed. This was despite the fact that they supplied hundreds of buses to give their people free transportation to the One Nation rally.

    Thus, Glenn Beck, with some help from Sarah Palin, whipped the entire AFL-CIO, SEIU, the Communist Party USA, various gay and lesbian groups, etc., etc. -- in other words, Glenn Beck whipped organized American liberalism and the Democratic Party. Quite an accomplishment for an individual TV and radio broadcaster.

  2. What an illogical post. Beck's rally was advertised on his show for months. I knew about it well in advance and I don't watch his show. The right wing media advertised it because Sarah was going to be there. I didn't hear about the OneNation rally until it was underway and I turned on the news. Otherwise, I would have gone. Your post makes absolutely no sense.


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