Monday, October 4, 2010

Rick Sanchez Fired by CNN About Jon Stewart Comments

Rick Sanchez fired by CNN? After Jon Stewart Bigot comments, Sanchez was let go. Perhaps it wasn’t the anger he expressed towards one of America’s favorite political comedians, perhaps it’s the fact that he called out his network and said that it was ran by a bunch of Jews. That’s probably the kicker in this case.

Of course, Stewart will get the last laugh and he’s already taunted his nemesis. However, don’t be surprised if the former CNN newscaster heads out to Stewart’s show as a guest. I think he will have plenty of time on his hands.

The words were expressed during a Sirius Radio interview, and they lead to the ultimate dismissal of the former CNN correspondent. It’s an unfortunate thing for him, but he should know better than to express negative thoughts and racial slurs about other TV personalities and the entertainment industry in general.

This is only the latest in CNN firings. Lou Dobbs was let go several months back. Many thought he’d go to Fox, but so far that hasn’t happened. What about Rick Sanchez? After he was fired by CNN for Jon Stewart comments do you think he will head over to Fox? What are your thoughts on the situation?


  1. Sanchez was right in what he said about Jewish controll of all media

  2. So why is Rick Sanchez fired here, but that moron in Michigan isn't fired for saying much more controversial things.

  3. I would not describe Rick Sanchez as the smartest news correspondent, but at least he appeared to do his best to do and say the right things. Unfortunately he was marked for a while for a few anti-zionist remarks he made(in particular about the Gaza offensive) and now with this latest rant it is not surprising that he was let go. Of course most of main stream media is owned and operated by Jews and there would be nothing wrong with that except that with power and influence comes responsibility and restrain. In my opinion CNN has gone too far on this one. I think John Stewart and Rick Sanchez were perfectly capable of sorting this one on their own. I hope he does go on Stewart show.

  4. Lou Dobbs was at one extreme and Rick Sanchez at the other. Dobbs was anti-illegal immigration and Sanchez was all for it, as long as the illegals were Latino. His extreme bias was evident on practically an every day basis. i say "Good riddance to another fat mouth!"

  5. Does anyone still watch CNN? The reporting is mostly liberal opinion and political spin to the left. They are is out of touch with America as the Obama clan. Rick will be replaced by another liberal agenda pushed and forgotten in short order.Perhaps he will learn not to make things up in his constant chase for ratings.

  6. Rick Sanchez seemed to be a one trick pony. He was on and on about Illegal immigration, which seemed to favor Hispanics. He did not include Asians, Africans, or any other group. Then he turns around and accuses the Jews of favoritism, and not being discriminated against. I am African American, but I know that there are poor whites who are discriminated against. All Jewish people are not wealthy, many are just working class like the rest of America. Jon Stewart is a comic, Satirist, and Political Pun dent. It was not that long ago that Bill Mahr was fired from ABC, and he went on to HBO, and is still a highly rated Political Pundant, satirist, and comedian. The difference in Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Steve Colbart, is that they make fun of everyone, including their own groups. Rick Sanchez wants to have it his way, and it was the height of arrogance to make those racist, bigoted comments at a specific group is not good. I have news for everyone 1500 people is not a lot of supporters. If they had said 1,000,000, or more I would be impressed.

    Rick needs to understand that he did it to himself, and get some help. Instead of complaining he should have been grateful to have a decent job in this economy. He could have used his energy to assist others who are less fortunate. I enjoy CNN, Doctor Sanja Gupta, Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, and Larry King, are some of my very favorites. I would like to see more women commentators and reporters, and hopefully that will happen soon.

  7. We need to be honest, Rick just wasn't very bright. His commentaries were often disjointed and rambling, searching for a theme. His obvious biases were generally fact baseless. CNN and the viewing public is better off without Rick.

  8. Thats its, Im done with CNN, first Lou Dobbs who should run for President, now Rick S.
    Maybe the "truth" does hurt, maybe his comments
    are true? What happened to the 1st amendment.
    My advise is to get a good lawyer and see how deep the CNN pockets are!

  9. Lets stop to think, who has more credibility
    Jon Stewart, or Rich S.
    Exactly. Shame on CNN wrong decision

  10. Rick Sanches will NEVER go to Fox,unless its to educate them. Fox would never hire Riok as he's too intelligent. Rick Told it as he saw it, CNN should not be so petty as to give criticm but not be able to take it.

  11. PLEASE!!! What is Cnn coming to when they care more about a comedians opinion that one of their own. I like Jon Stewart but he's only a comedian. Rick Sanches is a journalist and as such is supposed to call things as he sees them. Does CNN only want the Kiss a.. kind of people that Fox has? Hey CNN if you can dish it out you should be able to take it with regards to the "jewish" comment. Personally I can't stand the "my job's more important than my beliefs" kind of person, and you have more than a few of those on CNN. I'll be watching MSNBC now.

  12. If you can't laugh at joke about yourself then you think too highly of yourself!! If you Rick S. fans bothered to listen to the interview then you would heard just how arrogant this man is... Blaming others for his failures and trying to be the victim, he had his own show and still couldn't cut it... Who's fault is that?... The bigots that run CNN?

  13. No, we don't want Rambling Rick back but it sure would be nice to have Lou Dobbs back. He lent a perfect balance to all the pundits(?) (using the word loosely)on the left and made CNN appear to be at least a little fair in presenting the current events. Now CNN is as prejudiced as MSNBC.

  14. Shame on CNN!....a bunch of bullies working there!
    Firing Rick Sanchez for free speech? Give me a break! Listen to the guy carefully, he wasn't really putting down Jews, he was making an analysis/comparison with his personal experience as a minority (Hispanic). If his comments were that offensive to anyone,then he should have been given a reprimand, not firing!
    What about Juan Williams? Another free speech episode all gone wrong...who the hell are these men's bosses? Anti-free speech tyrants?
    Rick, Jon Stewart, & Juan are all good people and they mean well.
    CNN owes Rick an apology & give him his job back.


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