Friday, October 8, 2010

Rick Sanchez Fired After Jon Stewart Bigot Claims

Rick Sanchez fired after Jon Stewart bigot claims. Former CNN news anchor Rick Sanchez was fired after calling Jon Stewart a "bigot" on a Sirius XM radio show. Those comments are likely something that the former CNN employee regrets.

Jon Stewart is Jewish. Not only did Rick Sanchez say that Jon Stewart was a bigot, he also said that the media is "ran by Jews."

Stewart received an apology from Rick Sanchez, according to Sanchez's wife. In a week, Sanchez has gone from "excited" about his prospects to wanting his old job back.

He admitted to having a "chip on his shoulder" described Jon Stewart as the "classiest guy" and admitted that his comments were offensive.

Considering that CNN hired Eliot Spitzer to take up the slack, I think Jon Stewart returning wouldn't be that bad an option.

Should Rick Sanchez, fired CNN correspondent get his job back after the Jon Stewart bigot comments?

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