Monday, November 15, 2010

California Missile Launch, Mystery Missle, & UFOs

California Missile Launch, mystery missile, & UFOs. The California "mystery missile" launch is something that many Americans think is indicative of the government hiding something. After all - they claim that the contrail in the picture to the side is nothing more than a jet contrail.

Early reports seemed to suggest a rogue missile. Was it really a missile shot off by a foreign government, or an accident set off by our own military? Perhaps it was a defense contractor trying out an unarmed warhead, or some mad scientist launching off a rocket.

Perhaps more disturbing than the photos and footage itself was that the US government, NORAD, and the military all seemed to deny any knowledge of what the object might be.

In the end, they came up with a seemingly logical explanation - the California missile launch was really a jet contrail. This was a flight from LAX to PHX, and the footage was taken at just the right angle to make the contrail appear to be a missile.

However, many aren't buying this explanation. After all - if it WERE indeed a flight, wouldn't the FAA have been able to put that rumor to rest early on? Come on!

Perhaps the disturbing thing in and of itself isn't the California Missile launch. Perhaps the disturbing thing is that the missile remains a mystery, and the possibilities of what could be hidden by our government are just too much to bear


  1. I live here on the Southern California coast. We do not have planes or objects that look like this. It was a missile or something not related to commercial or private jets. The commercial jets have two contrails or if they are spraying chemtrails the lines are very different in our sky. Furthermore, the jets do not spin or change course in a spiral manner. Finally, Kelly Spear, mentioned in this article, she was taken back by what she saw. It was different enough that she got her camera. Do we really think a camera man, who flies our skies would bring this back to the station if he felt it was just a plane?

    It is time the media and the government start telling the truth. We deserve to know the truth and make our own choices about our safety. In addition, the media might want to consider who they are reporting for, if they cannot be honest and reveal the truth.

    Finally, the US participated in War Games in early October. Why do we think we are immune to such games?

    Stand for TRUTH!

  2. I quite like pineapple actually

  3. The footage is so obviously a missile that all the "experts" claiming it is a jet just prove that the money on their education was truly wasted.

    One claim is that it is a jet coming toward the camera. Obviously false as the plume was observed for 10+ min and a jet would be overhead in 1-3.

    One claim is that it can't be a missile cause it is traveling too slow. It is traveling AWAY from the camera and will therefore seem slower.

    One claim is that the obvious flickering of the missile exhaust is just the marker lights. If you look at the closeup you can see that the flicker is nearly the full size of the (tail end) of the rocket. Had it been marker lights they would have been much smaller. Marker lights are also very rhythmic not random.

    Take another close look at the light you will see that the red and green "colors" are offset slightly from the mostly white center. This is consistent with slightly misaligned beam splitters in the camera or if it is a single sensor camera the colors are the bayer filter pattern.

    Finally the plume itself. It is way too thick for a "condensation" trail. It is however just right for a solid rocket exhaust trail.

    Look also at how the trail stays optically dense even as it falls and expands. The "next day" plane had a much thinner trail and the trail was translucent and moved sideways as it expanded.

  4. with a God only knows dizzying number of flights between CA and everywhere else surely this type of image would have been repeated had it been a plane

  5. I am a retired tech sergeant. My last base of assignment was at Vandenberg AFB from 1989 through 1991. I worked for public affair and as such I was kept in the loop on ALL missle/rocket launches from the base. What was launched off the coast of Los Angeles was either a missile or a rocket. Since it ostensibly came from the ocean it must have been an SLBM (submarine launched ballistic missile). Whether dometic or foreign it is a serious breach in protocol/ security. NORAD (or wouldn't it be paved paws?)knows exactly where it launched from and where it landed (probably to within a few feet). Any admission on their (the military's) part, could possibly jeapordize national security. If it were one of ours why flex our muscle in such a dramatic way? If foreign, why in the name of God did we allow a foreign submarine get so close to our coast? Concluding that it was an airplane contrail is an insult to any sane rational thinking being. Of course we are assuming that the people who elected the current president of the United States are sane rational thinking beings!

  6. I completely agree seargant. If and since our defense has to have detail on this operation, I guarantee we'll find out soon enough. Its just a matter of time. Probably per my est a proper time laps prior to public release is in place. I'm not too worried.

  7. Contrails only form at high altitudes -- above about 25,000 feet. They are the result of hot air expanding into much colder air and then condensing the water vapor into ice crystals as the air recools. There's just no way such an ice particle trail can form at sea level. It's physically impossible. This was a missile. I'm amazed that the media is buying this easily disproved explanation.

  8. Its a jet contrail people

    1stly, whoever said the "experts wasted their education" is a false statement. This contrail started at the horizon line, which means it would take way longer than 10 minutes for it to get overhead. You even said yourself that this was filmed for a period of over 10 minutes. A missile climbing for that long and not passing apogee? That is completely unheard of....that would've been long gone by then if that was a missile.

    2ndly, contrails happen all the time in that area (whoever says they don't). Believe it or not, people have reported seeing contrails like this before near that area, never recorded it, but said it took on the same shape. I dare you to attempt to see one of these one night. If you get the right angle, you got your "ahem! missile!"

  9. ^ "False statement"......lmao!

    Seriously dude? Really? Come on man!

  10. My Googling is finding no updates from any authoritative sources yet, as to what and why?


  12. they are testing our reaction to see if it is time for another staged attack or similar event to cause enough panic and disorder for them to declare martial law nationwide.

  13. More than likely it was a missile test sent to china lake, claif missile testing range on the other side of LA in the middle of the Mohave desert. I was in 29 palms for three years as a corpsman and made trips from San Dog to 29 and china lake a couple of times. The military doesn't answer to the civilian community. How many of you knew that there was a 100yd wide 5 mile long rip in the 29 palms base north of Joshua tree, Ca after the last 7.0 earth quake? No body that wasn't there knew about it, same with mil ops......We only know what they tell us.

  14. Hay people wake-up this was no jet. A friend works for EG&G. He travels to work on Janet Airlines and it was a sub launch "not US or Chinese sub". It was a Russian sub but not under there total control. It was fired at the US but there land based control systems were able to move it off target in-time. My friend was unable to find out if it was armed "his guess it was". This is in-part why it's not being talked about. The lunch was done with intent by an unknown. He was unable more info on this unknown.

  15. RIM-2 Terrier is what fired it. Look it up for a picture of it and compare. Coordinates are 33.26427,-119.539066 from where it was fired. Enter those into google maps and zoom all the way in. See that white blurry object? one and the same. now zoom all the way out. Where is that island?? and who owns that island?? The government. No citizens allowed. Its all facts, do the research like I did. IT WAS OUR MISSILE PEOPLE! That being said, I am pretty sure it was some test or demonstration. Nothing completely sinister or actually destructive... this time.


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