Monday, September 20, 2010

Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin YouTube Witchcraft Scandal (VIDEOS)

Christine O'Donnell's witchcraft admission during Bill Maher went viral, and there's one more Tea Party force that has had her own share of witchcraft controversy as well. While Christine O'Donnell admits to dabbling in witchcraft, Sarah Palin had someone pray over her, asking to "protect her from witchcraft."

Of course either account is silly. Christine O'Donnell nonetheless likely remembered that she said those things on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" TV show back in 1999. Given that Maher is going to "release a clip a week" until O'Donnell agrees to do his show, there's no telling what other skeletons she has in her closet.

Having someone pray for "protection" from witchcraft is also equally nutty. However, this hasn't really impacted her political career.

A video of Christine O'Donnell's witchcraft admission is here. A video of Sarah Palin's witchcraft scandal is below.


  1. Well, gee, I guess if she was a Muslim woman candidate being prayed over for protection, the commentaries would be considerably more polite.

  2. So she dabbled in witchcraft - should we burn her at the stake???


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