Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jon Stewart Rally Update Obama Endorses Colbert/Stewart Rallies Video

Jon Stewart’s “Restoring Sanity” rally is getting props from Obama. The Colbert/Stewart dueling rallies are held as an “answer” to the Glenn Beck rally that was held at the end of August. Although this isn’t an official political event (it’s hosted by 2 comedy central comedians, mind you) it’s definitely making waves in the political world.

Ironically, some liberals are against the rally as it will take people who would have otherwise hit the pavement getting the word out there to head to the polls and vote liberal during the weekend prior to the mid-term elections. However, the rally is expected to draw a great crowd and many are hoping that the comedians will mix entertainment with common-sense solutions.

In remarks about the media during a discussion about the economy in Richmond today, Obama slams both right and left wing media – the right for suggesting he wasn’t born in the US and the left for saying mean and nasty things about the right. However, he says he’s “amused” with the Jon Stewart/Colbert Rallies. He pointed out that 70 per cent of Americans are just looking out for their families, no matter what their political affiliations are. Below is a video of Obama speaking about the Jon Stewart Rally.

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